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The Just King: The Tibetan Buddhist Classic on Leading an Ethical Life

Listen to Professor Jose Cabezon discuss Mipham Rinpoche’s classic work on leadership and ethics, The Just King.  On the surface, this is a letter to the king of Dergé on governance. However, as Mipham Rinpoche makes explicit, it is for everyone and will “provide beneficial nourishment for beings in this degenerate age.” It has been taught and studied widely: even today, many thousands study it every year—for example, at Larung Gar, the vast Buddhist center of study and practice in remote eastern Tibet.

More than anything, this is a book that is a roadmap on how to live a meaningful, fulfilling, compassionate life without regrets.

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Michael Stone

Michael Stone (1974-2017) was a beloved author and teacher of yoga and Buddhism. Many of us at Shambhala Publications had the great pleasure of working with him and experiencing his brilliant mind and universal kindheartedness. He was truly a modern day bodhisattva, transforming his own suffering and the suffering of the world into vital teachings for a broad range of communities and practitioners. Michael voraciously explored the depths of the Eastern traditions, always going back to the root teachings, and returned with fresh insights on how ancient wisdom could be applied in modern life. We will miss his living presence and are honored to be working on publishing some of the works he had completed before his untimely death. 



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