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All Together Singing in the Kitchen

Creative Ways to Make and Listen to Music as a Family

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Roost | 09/13/2011
Pages: 272 | Size: 8 x 9
ISBN: 9781590308981


Music is not only fun, but it's also the foolproof way to family harmony and connection—it can soothe a crying baby, engage an active toddler, entertain during long car rides, and help everyone get through daily chores.

In All Together Singing in the Kitchen you'll find all the tools you need for family music making—you don't need to know a thing about music to get started. With over thirty songs (with lyrics, chords, and audio recordings) to get you singing, musical games to get you dancing, and tips on playing instruments to get you grooving, this book will help you make music a larger part of your family's life, from playtime to bedtime.

Making music with any group of people is one of the best and surest ways to forge deep emotional connections. Making music with the members of your family practically guarantees a lifetime of distinct, memorable, warm moments of togetherness.

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"The Nields show you how to weave music into your children’s lives with glitter and grace. This wonderful go-to book will help real people create not just musical opportunities, but a musical home."—Dar Williams

"Thank you to The Nields for gathering all of the ideas, hopes, stories, and songs that people love to share with each other and for putting them into this one generous, limitless, and inspiring book."—Dan Zanes, from the foreword

"One part music and two parts fun. . . . I recommend this book to families, teachers, babysitters, and daycare providers to encourage children to be creative and to find joy in creating music together."—Sacramento Book Review

"All Together Singing in the Kitchen is more than just helpful tips about singing together; it is an invitation to be fearless and sing our hearts out. Whether we’re parents, teachers, caregivers, or just a-traveling through this crazy world on our own, connecting with each other through music gives us those sweet moments of joy that we long for. Here is a collection of inspirational stories and great advice from fellow travelers on that musical connection highway."—Annie Patterson and Peter Blood, editors of Rise Up Singing

Free Projects

Sugar Snap PeasSugar Snap Peas

A variation of a round is called a canon. In a round, every voice starts on the same note and sings the same part. In a canon voices can start on different notes and might sing different parts. The song “Sugar Snap Peas” is a canon. It is easy in that each “verse” has a different tune, but when all the verses are sung at the same time, the result is a nice medley or, if you will forgive the metaphor, a fabulous musical salad.

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