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Yoga for Emotional Balance

An Online Course

SKU# 9781611802337

Online Course

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Shambhala Publications | 04/14/2014
ISBN: 9781611802337



NOTE: Additional discounts do not apply. This course is hosted by's Canvas, an online educational system. Once you purchase the course here on our site, you will receive an e-mail from with a link to log in to the course. If you already have an account with Canvas, log in at to access the course after purchasing your registration here. 

This course launches on April 14. Enrollment closes on June 26. This course is designed for you to go at your own pace. After purchasing, you will have access to the course for six months. 

You have the capacity to live in emotional balance. Bo Forbes, a longtime clinical psychologist, yoga therapist, yoga teacher, and author, shows you how in this innovative online course.

Anxiety, depression, and chronic stress aren’t just biochemical imbalances or genetic legacies; they’re mind-body patterns. Once wired in place, these patterns make you miserable and short-circuit your potential. Luckily, your body has its own bio-available technology for transformation—and this course will help you access and use this technology with intelligence.

Join Bo, a leading innovator in the field of mind-body medicine and author of Yoga for Emotional Balance, as she presents an integrative approach to healing anxiety, depression, and chronic stress through powerful, easy-to-use tools from yoga, mindfulness, and psychology. She’ll show you how to connect with the wisdom of your body and cultivate lasting, positive change in your emotional patterns.

You’ll learn:

  • Cutting-edge information from emerging research in neuroscience that tells us the most effective methods for mindfulness and yoga practice
  • Essential therapeutic tools for creating change in your mind-body network, which includes the nervous system, enteric nervous system (or “belly brain”), immune system, mental body, emotional regions of the brain, and more
  • The “3 T’s” of Emergency Yoga: Tiny, Two-Minute Tools that bolster your stress resilience and help you stay balanced in the midst of challenging emotional situations
  • Longer practices to rewire your patterns, including breathing exercises, postural adjustments, mindful “asana” practice, restorative yoga postures, and other user-friendly tools to help you retrain your mind and body with compassion
  • The five primary interventions for balancing anxiety and lifting depression
  • Guidelines for designing your own therapeutic yoga practice from the ground up—or adding therapeutic elements to your existing practice

The therapeutic practices you’ll learn through this course will help you balance your nervous system, quiet your mind, befriend your body, and regulate your emotions. You will create the building blocks for lasting, sustainable change. More than just a course, this is a curriculum for personal growth. This life-changing curriculum will help you inhabit your vulnerable inner experience with awareness, chart your new path with curiosity and playfulness, and build your personal blueprint for optimal health.

Participants in this course will receive the following:

  • A digital PDF edition of Yoga for Emotional Balance: Simple Practices to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression, by Bo Forbes
  • Six 90-minute video lessons plus one 90-minute video yoga class, all available to download or stream
  • Class transcripts so that you can review the lessons in detail
  • Self-assessment questions to test your understanding of the material
  • Three hour-long LIVE teleconferences with Bo Forbes at 7:30 p.m. EDT on April 30, May 21, and June 4. Recordings will be made available if you are unable to attend the live sessions.
  • The opportunity to participate in facilitated discussion forums with other online learners around the globe
  • A wide range of supplemental resources, including cutting-edge information from the fields of affective neuroscience, medicine, and psychology, as well as writings by Bo, to guide your practice and integration
  • Access to all course materials for six months
  • Optional: Professional therapists, social workers, and yoga teachers may choose to earn Continuing Education credits for taking this course. For more information about earning CE credits, click here.
  • Optional: You may choose to participate in a research study with Bo Forbes and Norman Farb, whose groundbreaking work is also featured in this course. They will examine the direct benefits of this course on your levels of mindfulness, body awareness, anxiety, and depression.

We recommend that you have at least a beginner’s yoga practice to get the most benefit from this course. The course will also be of benefit to longtime yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, aspiring yoga teachers, psychotherapists, and body workers.

The course will begin on April 14, 2014.

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