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Buddhist Philosophy

Losang Gonchok's Short Commentary to Jamyang Shayba's Root Text on Tenets

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Snow Lion | 08/26/2003
Pages: 352 | Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781559391986

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What are the most important points of difference between the major schools of Buddhist philosophy? This rich, medium-length survey offers a lively answer. The introduction, aimed at those new to Buddhist thought, sets up a dialogue between the schools on the most controversial topics in Buddhist philosophy. Jamyang Shayba was the greatest Tibetan writer on philosophical tenets. Losang Gonchok's Clear Crystal Mirror, a concise commentary on Jamyang Shayba's root text, represents a distillation of many centuries of Indian and Tibetan scholarship. Buddhist Philosophy skims the cream of Jamyang Shayba's intellect, providing a rare opportunity to sharpen our intellect and expand our view of Buddhist thought.

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"Buddhist Philosophy is a valuable publication, as it represents how indigenous Tibetan scholars categorize, correlate, and explain the essential features of Buddhist and non-Buddhist systems. "—The Middle Way, Journal of the Buddhist Society

"Offers a concise and clear overview of the various primary schools of Tibetan Buddhism, contrasting them with various non-Buddhist views. . . . This work is easily understood, and the discussions are presented in a simple and straightforward manner. . . . While the commentaries are insightful, they are not overpowering and hence assist the new student of Tenets to come to a bird's eye view of the subject. . . . A valuable introduction to an important subject. "—Living Traditions

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