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Tantric Practice in Nyingma

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Snow Lion | 08/12/2012
ISBN: 9781559397674


Rinpoche's commentary on the instructions on the "Preliminaries to the Great Perfection Teaching" contains the classical Nying-ma presentation of the Dzogchen preliminaries and practices that lead to Buddhahood. It is an oral commentary on Patrul Rinboche's Kunzang Lamai Shelung (Words of My Perfect Teacher). "The Recitation of the Preliminaries to the Heart Essence of Vast Openness Illuminating the Good Path to Omniscience" by Jigme Lingpa is included.

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"Tantric Practice in Nying-ma offers an all-encompassing presentation of Vajrayana philosophy and practice. . . . The virtue of this work is its technical completeness. There is much here for repeated reading, contemplation, and absorption. "—Vajradhatu Sun

"This book presents one of those rare introductions to Tibetan Buddhism which really can be recommended because of the splendid combination of authenticity and clarity. "—Tibet Forum

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