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Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson is a longtime colleague of A. H. Almaas and cofounder of the Diamond Approach. They have been teaching together for many years. Johnson was educated as an artist and then received an MA in psychology.

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  1. The Power of Divine Eros

    The Power of Divine Eros

    The Illuminating Force of Love in Everyday Life

    • by
    • A. H. Almaas,
    • Karen Johnson
    What do passion and desire have to do with spirituality? Conventional wisdom cautions that they are pitfalls on the path, imprisoning us in the worldly illusions of the ego. And for most people, that is exactly what happens. But just the opposite may be possible. By becoming open to the energy, aliveness, spontaneity, and zest of erotic love, we can liberate ourselves from self-centeredness and embrace the fullness of our… Read More

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