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Keiko Kubo

Keiko Kubo grew up in Japan, where she took ikebana classes with her mother as a teenager and eventually went on to obtain her teaching license for ikebana. After graduating from college, Keiko came to the states to pursue studies in art and graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a master of fine arts in sculpture. While in graduate school she also studied Western floral art. Her style is a unique blend of these three major influences: traditional ikebana, Western floral arrangements, and sculptural art. She currently lives in Chicago and is the author of Keiko’s Ikebana (Tuttle, 2006).

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About the Author

Keiko Kubo was born and raised in Japan. She first studied ikebana as a teenager with her mother and eventually obtained her certificate to teach ikebana. After graduating from college, Kubo came to the United States to study at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she obtained her MFA in sculpture. She later studied Western floral art and developed her practical skills working in the Chicago floral industry. Her style is a unique blend of three major influences: ikebana, Western floral design, and sculpture.

Kubo resides in the Chicago area, where she works as an independent floral designer. In addition to teaching floral workshops, she creates original works for clients seeking distinctive arrangements for weddings and other special occasions.