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Chod Practice Manual and Commentary

  • translated by 
  • V.V. Lama Lodo Rinpoche

SKU# 9781559392679




Snow Lion | 04/23/2007
Pages: 128 | Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781559392679

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This splendid resource for Chöd practitioners contains the Chöd sadhana written by the Fourteenth Karmapa. This daily practice text is given in three versions: Tibetan, a phonetic rendering of the Tibetan, and English translation. Jamgön Kongtrül's commentary on the sadhana supplies necessary amplification and clarification; it is given both in English and Tibetan. An important feature of the commentary is the inclusion of illustrations for the different stages of visualization discussed within the commentary. All in all, this is an essential practice tool and reference guide for the serious Chöd practitioner.

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