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Touch a Butterfly

Wildlife Gardening with Kids

  • by 
  • April Pulley Sayre

SKU# 9781590309179




Roost | 04/23/2013
Pages: 224 | Size: 6.50 x 8.00
ISBN: 9781590309179


Turn your garden into a hummingbird hotspot, a haven for butterflies, and a thriving ecosystem that will delight and inspire the young and young-at-heart.

Gardening with children is a pleasure in itself, but when you learn to include wildlife in your plans, gardening becomes an even more joyful family experience. Creating a garden that invites wildlife opens up a wider world of nature for investigation, inspiration, and delight. Begin to see your yard from an animal’s perspective; discover plants that attract colorful birds and bugs; embrace sensory experiences that native plants and creatures bring; and understand how your yard fits into the surrounding landscape. Along the way you will discover simple ways you can actively support wildlife in your immediate environment, no matter where you live. This family-friendly guide to wildlife gardening leads you on a path to discovery, where trees are transformed into bird and animal habitats, where sunny spots are revered for dragonfly viewing, and where your entire garden becomes an animal-welcoming kingdom.

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“I wish that EVERY child could share this book and all its hidden magic and discoveries with a caring grown-up. If I had only one book to give as a gift to a new parent, this would be the book.”—Sharon Lovejoy, author and illustrator of Sunflower Houses: Inspiration from the Garden and Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children

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Secrets to Successful Wildlife WatchingSecrets to Successful Wildlife Watching
It doesn't take an encounter with whales to make my day. Sometimes a bumblebee will do. In the warm sun, I watched one bee fly up inside a blueberry flower. Thanks to that bee, someday we'd have a blueberry. For that moment, my breath and the sun and then bee and the flower seemed all of a piece. It may have only been a few seconds, but the time in that space seemed long and strong.

Finding the stillness that allows this kind of deeper nature watching isn't always easy. Those golden moments are fleeting in a noisy, busy world. Yet learning wildlife watching skills can help your family sink deeper into the joy of being part of the wild.

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