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Eline Snel

Eline Snel is a therapist and certified MBSR trainer and runs the Academy for Mindful Teaching in the Netherlands. She has been developing and teaching mindfulness-based courses for over twenty years and trains teachers to teach MBSR techniques to students. Her program has been used in numerous primary schools in the Netherlands. She has recently started a pilot project in various secondary schools to teach mindfulness practices to teenagers.
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  1. Breathe Through This

    Breathe Through This

    Mindfulness for Parents of Teenagers

    • by
    • Eline Snel
    Parenting a teenager can be extremely challenging as we struggle to stay balanced and supportive of our child's ups and downs, granting them increased freedom while still maintaining necessary limits. Mindfulness meditation—which emphasizes the quality of attention that combines full awareness with acceptance of each moment, just as it is—is a practice that is uniquely well-suited to helping us strengthen our parenting skills during this this time. This practice—which… Read More

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  2. Sitting Still Like a Frog
  3. Sitting Still Like a Frog
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