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The Practice of Dzogchen

An Anthology of Longchen Rabjum's Writings on Dzogpa Chenpo

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Snow Lion | 08/12/2012
ISBN: 9781559398756


In his masterful introduction to the body of this work, Tulku Thondup covers the three outer and inner tantras, the three divisions of Atiyoga, Dzogchen, and the other yanas and traditions. He includes excerpts from the exemplary lives of teachers (such as Longchen Rabjam) to illustrate the ways of training in Dzogchen.

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"An invaluable guide for those who seriously wish to experience the true nature of the mind."—Parabola

"An ambitious work of contemporary Tibetan scholarship with over one hundred original sources consulted in its making. . . . May prove indispensable to any serious study of Dzogchen philosophy."—Tibet Journal

"This is one of the most significant works on Tibetan Buddhism, undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive works on the Nyingma to appear in English."—Tibetan Review

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