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Spirit of Tibet

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Snow Lion | 01/19/1998
ISBN: 9781559391078


This visually stunning, full-color portrait of Tibetan life in exile displays the spirit of Tibetan refugees living in the beautiful mountain settings of northern India. It shows how Tibetans have preserved the best of their unique culture and identity. Aided by their Buddhist faith, the Tibetan people have rebuilt productive lives for themselves and live today in thriving communities with a strong sense of purpose: to preserve and maintain the ancient Buddhist tradition, which forms the core of Tibetan culture. In this sense Tibetan refugees have managed more than mere survival: they have created a Tibet in exile that is in many ways more truly Tibetan than their occupied homeland.

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"Stunning."—San Francisco Examiner

"There are many collections of Tibetan images available these days, but Ms. Wright's work should be the first one you buy."—S. A. Hunt

"Alison Wright's pictorial book, which mirrors the charm and strength of the Tibetan culture in exile, will enable readers to have a better understanding of our culture."—H. H. the Dalai Lama

"The book has a wonderful warmth, which is evidence of the obvious personal investment and connection that the author has with the community. The photographs are illuminating and support the claim made by the author that Dharamsala is the people."—Tibet Journal

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