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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • The Wheel of Faith

    June 28, 2012

    In terms of the help that you get from having faith, the Buddhist approach is that you could help yourself, rather than being helped from the outside. You learn that...

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  • Haiku of the Week

    June 27, 2012

    Haiku Mind
    across a rose fence—
    a cat lover
    a cat hater

    by Kazuo Sato, from Haiku Mind: 108 Poems to Cultivate Awareness and Open Your Heart by Patricia Donegan.

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  • Unconditional Openness

    June 27, 2012

    The peace that we are looking for is not peace that crumbles as soon as there is difficulty or chaos. Whether we’re seeking inner peace or global peace or a...

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  • 10 Tips for a Mindful Home

    June 26, 2012

    Wake with the sun
    There is no purer light than what we see when we open our eyes first thing in the morning.
    Mindfulness without meditation is just a word.
    Make your bed

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  • The Triangle of Birth

    June 26, 2012

    In tantric imagery, the triangle represents the gate of birth. Once you have faith, then you can give birth—properly, freely, fantastically. When you’re willing to give birth to reality, you...

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