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Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939–1987) was one of the most influential Buddhist teachers in the West. Visit here to read his biography, watch videos of his talks, and see a listing of his many books, as well as information about ordering them. If you would like to receive inspirational quotes from Trungpa Rinpoche’s extensive body of teachings, you can sign up here for the Ocean of Dharma Quotes of the Week, an e-mail newsletter that is sent out twice a week. You'll also find the full archive of Ocean of Dharma quote below!


From time to time, you will find new surprises on this site: book giveaways and other contests, changing photo exhibits, excerpts from new and forthcoming publications, and information on programs that present the teachings of Chögyam Trungpa to new and seasoned practitioners.


If you want further information on any aspect of Chögyam Trungpa’s life and teachings, you may contact Carolyn Gimian, who helps to maintain this site. Carolyn has been an editor of Rinpoche’s work for the last twenty-five years. She is happy to receive your questions and comments at

Ocean of Dharma

  • Ego Feels Under Attack

    October 23, 2012

    If anyone gets too near the wall that ego has built, it feels insecure. It thinks that it is being attacked and then thinks that the only way to defend...

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  • Ego Builds a Wall

    October 18, 2012

    Ego keeps busy trying to build a wall around itself, to shut itself away from the “other.” Then, of course, having created this barrier, immediately the ego also wants to...

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  • Ego Finds a Name for Itself

    October 17, 2012

    The ego feels rather lonely and, at the same time, keeps busy trying to defend itself. It finds that it consists of a collection of desires, expectations, ideas, conclusions, memories...

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  • Don't Bring Things to a Painful Point

    October 11, 2012

    This slogan is about not humiliating people. An important point for the bodhisattva, or the practitioner of this mind training, is to encourage people on their path. However, you could...

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  • Don't Transfer the Ox's Load to the Cow

    October 9, 2012

    One has to think about one’s problems personally, honestly, and genuinely. Transferring the ox’s load to the cow, who is weaker than the ox, means not wanting to deal with...

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