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On the Road in Barcelona

May 8, 2009

Carolyn Gimian, Ocean of Dharma moderator here. I have just completed teaching a meditation weekend for some students in Barcelona. This vibrant city on the Mediterranean has a lot of people interested in Buddhism and meditation, it seems. You can´t just say that the Spanish are interested, because here in Barsa, as they call it, there is a deep connection with the Catalan culture and language. It is one of several distinct linguistic and cultural groups in the Spanish world. I suppose I should be talking about Buddhist-related phenomena, but because I was presenting what we call Shambhala teachings, I think I can have this cultural digression. Among the things to celebrate in Barcelona: great food, very good soccer (futbol), the architecture of Antontio Gaudi, and the spirit of the people.

I met a number of people here who feel a deep connection with Chögyam Trungpa without ever having met him. This has come from reading his books, in general. People have told me stories about being given the Spanish edition of Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior and how reading this led them to seek out a path of meditation. I believe that more than a dozen of Trungpa Rinpoche´s books are available in Spanish. Some people here would like to see Rinpoche´s books published in Catalan. Quien sabe? Perhaps they will be! Tomorrow onwards to France.

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