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Two Rats in a Lab

January 20, 2010

The quote "Faith Based on Now"  posted January 18, 2010, where Chögyam Trungpa speaks of a mistaken view of faith, which views people almost  like rats in a scientific experiment, brought this joke in an e-mail from a reader:

Two rats are in a lab in their respective cages, an old rat, which has been there for a long time, and a young rat, which has just arrived a few weeks ago. The old rat has been observing the young one, silently. One night, when everybody's gone home and the lab is quiet, the old rat turns to the young one and asks: "How'r ya doin meyete?" (This is supposed to take place in Australia).

"Pretty good, hey! Thanks for askin" says the young rat, a bit surprised to hear the old rat which had been so silent.

"Got everthin' you need?" continues the old rat.

"Yeah, yeah, no problems whatsoever," the young rat replies, not knowing what much else to say and looking quite content.

The old rat is in a talkative mood. He goes on asking: "And how's young Doc Skinna treatin' ya"?

"Oh I've got him wrapped 'round me little finga," says the young rat with beaming eyes.

"You know, when I ring the bell, he brings me food."

The story says that the old rat burst out laughing then went silent forever.

Thanks again for the quotes.

Kind regards
Sydney (Australia)

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