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What Is a Mindful Society?

August 30, 2011

Answer this question in a comment below and you could receive a free ticket to attend the Creating a Mindful Society conference in New York, September 30 and October 1st. I'm going to be there, learning about mindfulness, and I look forward to meeting the winner of this contest there as well. For information about the program, visit here.

Five runners-up will each receive a copy of The Mindfulness Revolution, a new anthology of writings on mindfulness and mindful living, so there’s no need to feel discouraged from entering if you can’t make it to New York.
As part of the program of talks, dialogue, practice, and breakout sessions, participants will:

  • Learn from leading experts in the mindfulness field: keynote presentations will be by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), mindful leadership expert Janice Marturano, U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan, and renowned neuroscientist Richard J. Davidson
  • Discover the benefits of mindfulness for your own life—and learn about the science that proves how it works
  • Go deeper into areas of interest at breakout sessions of your choice
  • Share experience and insight with fellow practitioners across many fields and benefit from theirs
  • Learn about the exciting work now happening to change lives and create a mindful society
  • Explore the future of the emerging mindfulness movement at the Mindfulness Town Hall
  • Connect and network with others in the mindfulness community in a relaxed, contemplative atmosphere

Creating a Mindful Society will be held at the New York Society for Ethical Culture on beautiful Central Park West in New York City. This landmark gathering of the mindfulness community is a partnership of the Center for Mindfulness, Omega Institute, and Mindful: Living with Awareness and Compassion.

If you are new to meditation, this is a great opportunity, and it's also a wonderful situation for established practitioners to deepen their experience and share with a community of others committed to mindful living.

For your chance at a free ticket, tell us what you think a mindful society is. The winner of the contest will be chosen on September 14th at 5 pm.  Five runners-up will receive copies of The Mindfulness Revolution, a new anthology of writings on mindfulness and mindful living. So this is a contest for all!

Congrats to Sharon H., who is going to the Creating a Mindful Society conference! Also, congrats to Gregg, Simone, Susan, Chet, and Gavin. They each received a copy of The Mindfulness Revolution. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments! It is inspiring to know that mindful society is such a rich topic for contemplation.

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