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Bliss of Awareness

April 29, 2013

Book coverWhen we meditate I encourage all of us to have the attitude that we are meditating to dissolve the self. That’s why we meditate. Hold this perspective in your awareness and let your dualistic mind dissolve for at least a half hour, or at least for ten minutes every day. When you allow yourself to witness that unexpected glimpse of the truth, where the self is dissolved, it’s like drinking nectar. It’s inexpressible. We often use the word bliss to describe that state. Bliss is a good word, but it can be misunderstood. The bliss that I am speaking about has nothing to do with ordinary bliss. It’s not like the bliss of having great food or other sensual pleasure. This is nonconceptual bliss that is not based on emotions but is based on awareness. We often say that realizing the true nature of who we are is like drinking the nectar of ultimate bliss. The more we drink, the more we are going to be addicted, which is very good.

From No Self, No Problem: Awakening to Our True Nature, page 46.

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