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Dodrupchen's Testment

February 19, 2013

Book coverOn the very night of Dodrupchen’s death, his spiritual testament was received by his principal disciple, Do Khyentse. Dodrupchen appeared in the sky in a radiant light body and an attire of lights. He was floating on a carpet of light, which was held up by four dakinis. In a very enchanting voice he sang the verses of his testament, which include the following lines:

I am going into the expanse of the Wisdom of the Ultimate Sphere,
Which is the state that transcends thoughts and expressions.
I am going into the state of Mirrorlike Wisdom,
Which is the ceaseless clear glow, fresh and open.
I am going into the expanse of the Wisdom of Evenness,
In which all the thoughts of grasping and grasper have vanished into the ultimate sphere.
I am going into the Wisdom of Discriminative Awareness
Which is the clarity, the dawn of six kinds of foreknowledge.
I am going into the state of the Wisdom of Accomplishment,
Which emanates various manifestations in accordance with [the needs of] trainable beings.

Son, please stay healthy.
Now you have won over the obstructions of your life.
Until all the phenomenal existents are liberated as the signs and teachings [of Dharma],
[You should be] aware of samsara and nirvana as dreams and illusions.
Dedicate yourself to the meditation where there is no reference point.
This is the empowerment of total entrustment and aspiration.
This is the supreme empowerment of empowerments.

From Masters of Meditation and Miracles by Tulku Thondup, pages 158–159.

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