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Rest Naturally

February 25, 2013

Book coverIn the avadhuti, the main path of enlightenment,
Prana and mind, bliss and warmth, are united,
Becoming unconditioned great bliss.
The wisdom of unobscured insight dawns.
“This is unsurpassable,” the guru has said.

The darkness of ignorance is purified in space.
One is free from the two obscurations of
    grasping and fixation.
Therefore bliss and luminosity dawn in simplicity.

This appearance of collective coincidence
Is a reflection without self-nature.
All appearances are realized like that,
And just like appearances in a dream,
All dharmas arise as illusions. . . .

When thoughts arise, rest naturally.
When dreaming, be mindful without corrupting it.
When in the pardo, don’t control, but be aware.
When there is fruition, let it arise without obscuration.

From The Life of Marpa the Translator , translated by Chögyam Trungpa and the Nalanda Translation Committee, page 151.

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