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The Play of Experience

January 28, 2013

All that is has me—universal creativity, pure and total presence—as its root.
How things appear is my being.
How things arise is my manifestation.
Sounds and words heard are my messages expressed in sounds and words.
All the capacities, forms, and pristine awareness of the buddhas;
The bodies of sentient beings, their habituations, and so forth;
All environments and their inhabitants, life forms, and experiences;
Are the primordial state of pure and total presence.

Without understanding me, the creativity of the universe,
But investigating the phenomena that I manifest,
You perceive everything dualistically due to your attachment and longing.
Impermanent, apparitional things will fade away.
They are aimless, like a blind man.

All that is experienced and
Your own mind are the unique primary reality.
They cannot be conceptualized according to the cause and effect systems of thought.
Investigate your mind’s real nature
So that your pure and total presence will actually shine forth.

Book coverFrom You Are the Eyes of the World by Longchenpa, pages 32–33.

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