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Becoming Part of the Experience

December 11, 2012

Book coverOnce you are really into something, you become part of that experience or it becomes part of you. When you become part of the teachings, you are no longer hassled. You are no longer an entity separate from the teachings. You are an embodiment of them.

From “Abhisheka,” in Journey without Goal: The Tantric Wisdom of the Buddha, page 99.

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1 Response to Becoming Part of the Experience

  • silver account says:

    Indeed, in Journey we find explanations of one's emotional life as it relates to the five Buddha families, and we are made conscious of the characteristically Western (it seems) tendency to what has become known, after another famous title by him, as spiritual materialism. But if you are looking for a concise, clear explanation of what is meant by tantric Buddhism ie. Vajrayana, and how it accomplishes the transformation that certain individuals with a strong attachment to sensory input may seek, this is a good book with which to begin.

    Posted on December 15, 2012 at 3:14 pm