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Changing the Flow of Karma

May 29, 2009

Although currently you have ended up with a very bad situation, you can suddenly change the karmic flow with a tremendous, quite sudden and forceful effort. You may have ended up in a tremendous depression, but you are able to make a jump in your life and overcome that. You are able to change the flow of your particular lifestyle. You might be used to being very lazy and sloppy, but the sitting practice of meditation could tighten up your lifestyle so that suddenly you become a tidy, vigorous and uplifting person. There are second thoughts happening each time you act. There is hesitation, and from that hesitation or gap, you can go backward or forward. Changing the flow of karma happens in that gap. So the gap is very useful. It is in the gap that you give birth to a new life.

From Chapter Five, "Perpetually Re-creating Suffering," in The Truth of Suffering and the Path of Liberation, page 56.

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