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Doubtlessness Beyond the Gap of Doubt

December 8, 2011

Sometimes, when a person projects energy into a situation, he or she tries to use that process of projection to fulfill his or her desire or to confirm his or her expectations. That produces a gap or break, which subverts the wholesomeness of the situation. Doubt often arises at that point, and you can catch all kinds of psychological fevers or flus in this gap of unhealthiness.

In the true human situation of warriorship, we shouldn’t have that problem. Rather, we expand and extend ourselves fully to a situation, and from that we receive the feedback to develop a true and clear understanding. There is no doubt about anything. Over all, the warrior’s doubtlessness comes from continually connecting back with the original feeling of being truly oneself. From that, tremendous health can be propagated.

From "Discovering Windhorse" in Smile at Fear: Awakening the True Heart of Bravery, page 98.

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