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Not Playing Ego's Game

July 1, 2011

In the practice of meditation, you don’t have to imprison yourself. Instead, you could relate with an expansive situation. Meditation is not based on ego’s idea of “What am I getting out of this?” and “What should I be concentrating on?” As soon as there is that kind of approach, then meditation becomes ego’s game. The term for that is spiritual materialism, “I would like to achieve this, because of that. I would like to concentrate on this because then I should get a greater effect from that.” The potential presented by spiritual materialism is enormously infectious, because it speaks the same language of ego. In contrast, our approach to meditation practice is noncentralizing, nonambitious, and nonstriving.

From “Meditation Related to the Ego,” February 5th, 1972, talk two of an unpublished seminar held in Los Angeles, California.

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