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Square One is Basic Goodness

July 7, 2009

Basic goodness does not mean that we can con others because we have basic goodness. We are talking about personal basic goodness which we don't have to proclaim or advertise. It does not depend on advertisement or on introductions from somebody else. Instead, basic goodness means being on the spot—right here. With that might come lots of fear, lots of confusion, and a lot of loneliness, nonetheless. . . . When we are here by ourselves, we are constantly freaked out, haunted by ourselves. If you yourself breathe heavily, you might think somebody else is behind you breathing down our neck. "Who's that?" "Who said that?" What's that?" And we are also afraid of others. Difficult situations like that can actually bring out our tremendous goodness, a sense of basic goodness. And in fact, we might be able to bring out the notion of fearlessness as well. It's possible. It's feasible. . . . Everything is back to square one, which is basic goodness.

Compiled from "Conquering Comfort," in The Collected Works of Chögyam Trungpa, Volume Eight, pages 439-442.

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