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Step Out of the Bureaucracy of Ego

October 25, 2011

It is important to see that the main point of any spiritual practice is to step out of the bureaucracy of ego. This means stepping out of ego’s constant desire for a higher, more spiritual, more transcendental version of knowledge, religion, virtue, judgment, comfort or whatever it is that the particular ego is seeking.  Whenever we have a dualistic notion such as, "I am doing this because I want to achieve a particular state of consciousness, a particular state of being," then automatically we separate ourselves from the reality of what we are.  One must step out of such spiritual materialism.

From Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, pages 14 to 15.

Of Interest to Readers
Did you know Steve Jobs read Chögyam Trungpa? According to this article in the Huffington Post, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism was one of his favorite books in college. This week we’re suggesting several quotes that might have affected Jobs’s view of creativity and intelligence. If you'd like to offer your favorite quotes from Cutting Through, you can do so at the editor’s blog. In early November, we’ll pick five people to receive the Shambhala Library edition of the book.

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