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The Absence of Things as They Are

December 17, 2010

Perception can be categorized into three levels: experience, emptiness, and luminosity. The perception of emptiness is the absence of things as they are. That is, things have their space; they always come with a certain sense of room. Despite the complexities of the overcrowdedness of our experience, things provide their own space within the overcrowdedness. Actually, that is saying the same thing: overcrowdedness is room, in some sense, because there is movement, dance, play.

From "Nobody's World," in True Perception: The Path of Dharma Art, pages 105 to 106.

“Trungpa’s notion of dharma art is an approach to art as meditation, an attitude of directness and unselfconsciousness in creative work. Lief’s inspired selection and careful editing make this an essential book for those committed to the view that the artist should be a spiritual teacher.”—Publishers Weekly

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