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The Path Is Personal Experience

March 11, 2010

The path of dharma, the dharma marga, provides all kinds of problems, and we work along with those. Without that path, we would fall asleep. Suppose highways were without any bends, just like Roman roads, a one-shot deal straight from New York to Washington, 100 percent straight. The drivers would fall asleep. Because of that, there would be more accidents than if the road had bends in it with road signs here and there. The path is personal experience, and one should take delight in those little things that go on in our lives, the obstacles, seductions, paranoias, depressions, and openness. All kinds of things happen, and that is the content of the journey, which is extremely powerful and important.

From "The Only Way," in The Path Is the Goal : A Basic Handbook of Buddhist Meditation, pages 12 to 13.

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