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The Psychology of Richness

April 6, 2009

Even if you don't have a full, plentiful bank account, you can still
inspire other people. You can inspire them to build richness in
themselves. It is not so much a question of simply buying a cow in
the autumn, when it has abundant milk. We are talking about buying a
cow in the spring. Later on it might have an abundance of milk.
Therefore, we buy cows who have gone through the hardships of winter,
but who also have sizeable udders that might full up with milk
later....When autumn comes they will give lots of milk, and we can
make lots of cheese and butter. Fundraising can be a process like
that. When the first panic comes--no bank account, no money--you
don't declare your poverty. You find that there is a way to adopt the
psychology of richness and nonattachment.

From "Paramita Practice: Generosity," in The 1980 Hinayana-Mahayana
, page 111.

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