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The Sacredness of Society

January 28, 2011

Society contains profundity and sacredness.The sacredness of society is potent and powerful. I'm sure many people would not accept such an idea. They would think that we are trying to sneak something into the idea of society, to impose some foreign element or idea on it. However, it seems genuinely important to see the spiritual aspect, the visionary aspect, of society. We have to see not only the basic happenings but also their basic quality of energy, the energy that they contain. Work, sex, and money are actually the energy outlet of society, its energy radiation, the expression of its sacredness.

From "The Sacred Society," in WORK, SEX, MONEY: Real Life on the Path of Mindfulness, condensed from pages 3 to 4.

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1 Response to The Sacredness of Society

  • Rain says:

    Pema Chodron is a wonderful theaecr, of whom I have the greatest respect. This is another example of her down-to-earth, humorous and loving teaching style. For me, it was an excellent choice. However, just so you are not disappointed, be aware this is a specific type of meditation. She is teaching Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques, which are a little different from other styles. In this style your eyes remain partly open to maintain a level of awareness. It is not the type you use to generate a trance state.If you are unfamiliar with meditation and this is your first exploration, you may want to look at The Art of Meditation by Daniel Goleman . It is an excellent first step.Pema's training can take you to a deeper level of understanding, but may be a little too deep for your first attempt. Also, the fact her CD is speaking to those who have a background in Buddhism does'nt mean you won't learn from this CD. Buddhist are experts at meditation because it is part of their belief. The techniques taught can apply to any faith.Pema's Chodron is an excellent speaker and this is another excellent example of her work. With the understanding that I would not advise this as the first meditation book I would read/listen to, I believe it is a valuable resource for those interested in this style of meditation.Namaste

    Posted on May 30, 2013 at 1:51 am