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Wisdom is Not Warfare

March 8, 2013

Book coverIf there is wisdom in sacred teachings, there should not be any war. As long as a person is involved with warfare, trying to defend or attack, then the action is not sacred; it is mundane, dualistic, a battlefield situation. One would not expect the great teachings to be as simple-minded as that, trying to be good, fighting the bad. Sense of humor means seeing both poles of a situation as they are, from an aerial point of view. There is good, there is bad, and you see both with a panoramic view.

“Sense of Humor” in Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, page 131-133, the Shambhala Library Edition.

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1 Response to Wisdom is Not Warfare

  • Walter Logue says:

    Even "victory over war" requires a juxtaposition, of course.
    It is not warfare, particularly, though it is necessary at times to penetrate lethargic situations.
    Turning on a light in a dark room does not mean that there is warfare against darkness, though the darkness is mercilessly eliminated nonetheless.
    Evil and Good are concepts which try to polarize imaginary human opinions. I love Chogyam Trungpas discourses on the 4 karmas in this regard. There are 4 of them, not just 3.
    Pacifying, Enriching, Magnetizing and Destroying.
    So warfare is a very important term but as with most terms in the American English Language, it is easily slurred into a thousand meanings that are not pertininent to this conversation about "battlefields"
    This book changed my life.

    Posted on March 8, 2013 at 11:22 am