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Zenmi—A Taste of Zen

April 27, 2012

The Morikami Museum in Delray Beach, Florida, has recently published Zenmi—a Taste of Zen: Paintings, Calligraphy, and Ceramics from the Riva Lee Asbell Collection. The collection focuses on 20th-century Zen art. Some of the pieces were acquired from the Shambhala Zen Art Gallery. Works by artists now in the gallery are well represented in the catalog. There are zenga by: Nantenbo, Shoun, Deiryu, Kasumi Bunsho, Seki Seisetsu, Seki Rozan, Seki Bokuo, Ashikaga Shizan, Furukawa Taiko, and Inaba Shinden, among others. The catalog can be ordered from the Morikami Museum Bookstore.

Seki Bokuo is one of the zenga artists featured in the "Zenmi—a Taste of Zen" exhibition.



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