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  1. Bushido (Graphic Novel)

    Bushido (Graphic Novel)

    The Soul of the Samurai

    • by
    • Inazo Nitobe,
    • Sean Michael Wilson
    This graphic novel version of the cult classic Bushido brings the timeless secrets of the samurai to life. First published in the early 1900s, Bushido was the first book to introduce Westerners to the samurai ethos. Written by Inazo Nitobe, one of the foremost Japanese authors and educators of the time, it describes the characteristics and virtues that are associated with bushido—honor, courage, justice, loyalty, self-control—and explains the philosophy behind… Read More

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  2. Miyamoto Musashi

    Miyamoto Musashi

    His Life and Writings

    • by
    • Kenji Tokitsu
    Miyamoto Musashi, who lived in Japan in the fifteenth century, was a renowned samurai warrior. He has become a martial arts icon, known not just as an undefeated dueler, but also as a master of battlefield strategy. Kenji Tokitsu turns a critical eye on Musashi's life and writings, separating fact from fiction, and giving a clear picture of the man behind the myth. Musashi's best-known work, The Book of… Read More

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2 Item(s)
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