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  1. The Show-Off Monkey and Other Taoist Tales

    The Show-Off Monkey and Other Taoist Tales

    • by
    • Mark W. McGinnis
    “If we are true to who we are, we will naturally find what is right.”“Beauty is in the eyes and mind of the beholder.”“What is good in life is not always obvious.”These morals are inspired by the teachings of Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu (fourth century BCE), who through charming and sometimes cryptic fables explained to his students the qualities of humility, modesty, simplicity, acceptance, and contentment. In “The Sea Turtle… Read More

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  2. The Art of Writing

    The Art of Writing

    Teachings of the Chinese Masters

    • edited by
    • Tony Barnstone,
    • Chou Ping
    The ancient Chinese regarded the written word as a transformative force able to move heaven and earth and unite the reader with the source of all things, the Tao. The power of writing, especially poetry, is celebrated here in short texts that present both practical instruction and spiritual insight: Lu Ji's essay in verse, "The Art of Writing," reveals the inner process every writer must go through in… Read More

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2 Item(s)
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