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  1. Twenty Poems to Bless Your Marriage

    Twenty Poems to Bless Your Marriage

    And One to Save It

    • by
    • Roger Housden
    Poems can teach us in ways that surpass other forms of understanding, especially when the subject concerns matters of the heart. When the heart’s whispers are too faint for us to hear in ordinary ways, poetry can speak to us with another kind of eloquence. From the leap of joy that a couple takes on their wedding day to a fiftieth wedding anniversary that acknowledges the deep connection that… Read More

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  2. Mind Games

    Mind Games

    A Box of Psychological Play

    • edited by
    • Mel Gooding,
    • Julian Rothenstein
    Mind Games is a fascinating compendium of playful picture tests, games, and questionnaires that hold a revealing mirror up to your inner self. What's in the box? Three card sets that answer the critical questions: What are you like? What kind of friend are you? What’s really going on in your most important relationships? The Abstract… Read More

    Mixed Media
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