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Nagarjuna's Letter to a Friend

With Commentary by Kyabje Kangyur Rinpoche

SKU# 9781559394154




Snow Lion | 09/10/2013
Pages: 208 | Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781559394154


The great Indian Buddhist master Nagarjuna wrote his celebrated poem Letter to a Friend as a gift of advice to a South Indian king, and it has since become a monument in the Indian shastra tradition. Despite its short length (only 123 verses), it covers the entire Mahayana path, combining a practical approach to daily conduct with a theoretical exposition of the different stages leading to enlightenment. It has thus been an ideal source for many of Tibet’s greatest scholars seeking a scriptural authority to enhance their own descriptions of the Buddhist path.

In addition to a new English translation of the poem presented alongside the original Tibetan, this book includes commentary and a structural outline by the great twentieth-century scholar Kyabje Kangyur Rinpoche.

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"This text is one of the most cherished works amongst practitioners of all levels of understanding and practice." —Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, author of It's Up to You

"The combination of the colorful root text and Rinpoche's helpful commentary make the book a valuable resource suitable for repeated readings and contemplation." —Thar Lam

"An inspiring classic of Buddhist literature, an enlightening commentary, an impeccable translation." —Matthieu Ricard, author of Journey to Enlightenment

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