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House of the Turquoise Roof

SKU# 9781559390354




Snow Lion | 01/01/1990
Pages: 336 | Size: 5.50 x 8.50
ISBN: 9781559390354


Mrs. Dorje Yuthok's frank and fascinating account of life in upper-class Lhasa before the Chinese occupation is also a quiet, dignified description of a noblewoman's status in the family and the community. She moved in the highest government circles—both her father and her husband were cabinet ministers, and her brother served as prime minister. Yet her outlook on life is grounded in the Buddhist practice she learned as a close disciple of well-known lamas and spiritual teachers.

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"A superior book." —The Tibet Journal

"Dorje Yuthok's book is rich in vignettes of the quotidian life of Tibetan aristocrats, with detailed descriptions of the intimacies of family life deftly conveying the immediacy of her experience to readers." —Marcia Calkowski, The Journal of Asian Studies

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