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Vajrayana Buddhism is most closely associated with Tibet and can be characterized by the figure of the siddha, the master whose spiritual realization is so profound that he or she has power over the phenomenal world, and in whom the profundity and vastness of absolute truth is fully and completely manifested. Many of our most well-known authors come from this tradition of Tibetan Buddhism .

[Note: The tags for the various schools are not definitive as many books span multiple traditions, etc. They are meant to use as a starting point for exploring this collection.]

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  1. Como saber si no eres budista?

    Como saber si no eres budista?

    • by
    • Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
    ¿Así que crees ser budista? Veamos, reflexiona. El maestro de budismo tibetano Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse, uno de los Lamas más creativos e innovadores de hoy en día, arroja el guante al mundo budista, desafiando los conceptos erróneos, estereotipos y fantasías más comunes. Con ingenio e ironía Khyentse incita a los lectores a ir más allá de los adornos superficiales del budismo, más allá del romance con las cuentas del rosario,… Read More

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