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“What brings us to the kitchen is hunger, hunger for food, hunger to feed others. What brings us to the kitchen is love, conviviality, connection—we’re finding a place at the table of life. No simple matter to bring forth food, no simple matter to receive nourishment. Beginning where we are, utilizing our gifts, working with our hindrances, the way to be a cook is to start cooking.”—Edward Espe Brown

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  1. Greek Vegetarian Cookery

    Greek Vegetarian Cookery

    • by
    • Jack Santa Maria
    From appetizers to cakes and desserts, these recipes combine the freshest ingredients—whole grain flour, olive oil, lemons, yogurt and cheese, wild herbs, among others—in ways that will tantalize the palates of both vegetarians and lovers of traditional Greek food. To complement the 200 recipes, the author outlines religious, historical, and other influences on Greek cuisine. He also relates anecdotes of his life in Greece and accounts of folk customs there.… Read More

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