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The Vibrant Table

Recipes from My Always Vegetarian, Mostly Vegan, and Sometimes Raw Kitchen

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Roost | 06/10/2014
Pages: 352 | Size: 7.50 x 10.00
ISBN: 9781611800975


The Vibrant Table is a feast for the senses. From small sides to savory meals and sweet indulgences, each nourishing recipe tells a story of a balanced and well-fed lifestyle, centered around the family table. Amaranth Pumpkin Porridge, Fingerling Potato Pizza, Squash Blossom Quiche, Roasted Plum Ice Cream, Swirled Acai Cheesecake—you will never run out of inspiration for enjoying whole foods at any meal.

Anya Kassoff’s bustling kitchen is always vegetarian, mostly vegan, gluten-free, and sometimes raw—a place where desserts can serve as an energizing breakfast too! The 100+ recipes here include fresh interpretations of familiar classics and plenty of ideas for the curious cook. With guidance on sprouting, grinding your own flours, making nut milks, and even preparing raw chocolate, building a well-stocked pantry has never been easier. A chapter dedicated to cooking with kids is full of tips and recipes for raising adventurous eaters. Anya’s devotion to preparing fresh and seasonal ingredients with love is clear. The Vibrant Table is a delicious homage to lightness and elegance at home.

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The Vibrant Table is just that: a book full of colors, healthy ingredients like chia seeds, almond milk, and Rainier cherries, and a life of food lived well.”—Shauna Ahern, author of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

“You’ll want two copies of this book: one to use in the kitchen for the masterful recipes and one to put on your coffee table as a work of art. The beauty and purity of the ingredients along with the heart and soul of the author may very well change the way you look at food.”—Sarma Melngailis, author of Living Raw Food

“It’s clear from Anya’s cooking that she is passionate about a clean and wholesome diet. This book is a comprehensive and inspired look into the enthusiasm and creativity she has in her kitchen and in her life.”—Sara Forte, author of The Sprouted Kitchen

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Cauliflower Pie with a Sweet Potato Crust from The Vibrant Table
Cauliflower Pie with a Sweet Potato Crust
This recipe is inspired by Mollie Katzen’s cauliflower pie, which I made often when I first became interested in vegetarian cooking. The crust is made from Yukon gold potatoes and sweet potatoes and resembles my homemade potato latkes, my ultimate guilty pleasure. I always buy colorful cauliflower—purple, yellow, green—when it’s available, but just one type of cauliflower would be equally delicious.

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Rhubarb and Rosemary Tart infused with Grand Marnier and orange from The Vibrant Table
Rhubarb and Rosemary Tart infused with Grand Marnier and orange
Somehow rhubarb eluded me most of my life. My first taste of rhubarb was only recently, in a dessert that featured it marinated in Grand Marnier, honey, and rosemary. I knew instantly that I’d been missing out—and that I needed to re-create a version of this delight for myself. Rhubarb’s main flavor is an aromatic sourness, and I love how the liqueur and rosemary work with the rhubarb’s nature to give this tart its unique flavor.

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