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Ikebana Style

20 Portable Flower Arrangements Perfect for Gift-Giving

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Roost | 09/21/2010
Pages: 96 | Size: 7.12 x 9.25
ISBN: 9781590306734


Celebrate a loved one or add a touch of color to your home with these twenty distinctive flower arrangements. Inspired by the elegant and minimalist style of ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arranging), and constructed using the techniques that promote the functionality and portability of Western designs, these arrangements place sophisticated style into small containers that are easy to move from room to room or to the hands of a friend.

Illustrated with beautiful photographs, each arrangement uses just a few easy-to-find floral materials and Western tools and materials. Clear step-by-step instructions with photographs, along with a range of tips and techniques on manipulating and using the materials, are sure to broaden the skills of both beginners as well as those already familiar with the floral arts.

Make the arrangements in this book and share the gift of flowers with your friends and family.

News & Reviews

“It’s been years since I’ve done ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, but this might be the book that gets me back into it. The designs are attractive and look complex, but the instructions for how to put them together are totally unintimidating.”—Andrea Miller, Shambhala Sun

Ikebana Style is a great name for this flower arranging book. Kubo has taken the simplicity and elegance of that style to show you how to create stylish, easy, and very quick arrangements.”—Floral Design Magazine

Free Projects

Roof Over Dahlias
Roof Over Dahlia
One day, I found a small picture of flowers sheltered from the snow in the Japanese winter season under a cove shaped like a roof. The horsetail lines used in this arrangement come from that image of the cover in the picture. I arranged dahlias alongside the horsetails. This is designed to be viewed from multiple angles.

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Small Container Arrangement
Small Container Arrangement
Adding depth and volume to an arrangement in a small container was my theme for this design. Each of the three materials (river canes, leaves, and flowers) is arranged in a group to add volume. Using one of the container’s pointed angles as the front side of the arrangement also helps to add depth.

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