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Every age and stage of a child’s growth has its own innate urge for discovery. If you have children of any age, our books will serve as guides in providing creative outlets for their growing curiosity about the world, so that you can confidently lead them through outdoor adventures, experiments with language and art, the joy of handmade crafts, and so much more.

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  1. Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories

    Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories

    • by
    • Mark W. McGinnis
    Around the beginning of the common era, Indian Buddhists began to collect fables, or jataka tales, illuminating various human virtues and foibles—from kindness, cooperation, loyalty and self-discipline on the one hand to greed, pride, foolishness, and treachery on the other. Instead of populating these stories with people, they cast the animals of their immediate environment in the leading roles—which may have given the tales a universal appeal that helped them… Read More

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