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The Gardener's Guide to Saving and Swapping Seeds

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Roost | 01/07/2014
Pages: 128 | Size: 6.25 x 8.25
ISBN: 9781611800913


In an exciting introduction to the global seed-swapping movement, passionate seed activist Josie Jeffery explores why we should care about our plant heritage and, most importantly, explains how to do it. With an invaluable directory of all the best seeds to swap and save, Seedswap provides all the tools you need to start your very own growing revolution.

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"There is nothing more important in our times than saving seeds and swapping seeds. We are faced with a seed emergency caused by rapid disappearance of seed diversity; the replacement of renewable seeds with nonrenewable, patented seeds; and the perverse idea that seed saving and seed sharing is an 'intellectual property crime.' Seedswap will help spread the seeds of freedom."—Dr. Vandana Shiva, seed activist and founder of Navdanya International

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Seed Saving Techniques from Seedswap
Seed Saving Techniques
These techniques will help to make sure the seeds you save are "true," which means that they have not cross-pollinated with others in their species or wild relatives, resulting in physical deformities. It is important that seeds are dried and stored in such as way to be sure of successful germination.

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Create a Seed Bank from Seedswap
Create a Seed Bank
From the moment you put a seed into the ground, seeds of thought should be sown in your mind: How will I gather and save the seeds from this plant, what do I need for this process, and where will I store the seeds so they will last for many years to come?

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