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Vintage Made Modern

Transforming Timeworn Textiles into Treasured Heirlooms

SKU# 9781611801231




Roost | 09/30/2014
Pages: 136 | Size: 7.50 x 9.00
ISBN: 9781611801231


Create modern heirlooms using vintage materials—a collection of 35 innovative projects that showcase the exceptional beauty of timeworn textiles.

Every handmade project has a story to tell. In Vintage Made Modern that story is given more depth through the materials used: textiles with histories all their own. From Granny’s well-worn apron to a threadbare family quilt or a tattered tea towel you picked up at the thrift shop, every fabric and textile has a tale to tell. With a little resourcefulness, some gentle care, and a bit of creative repurposing, the simple sewing and no-sew projects in this book breathe life back into these treasured textiles, refresh their beauty, and create new memories. Vintage Made Modern will have you collaborating with makers from the past and continuing the stories they began long ago, becoming part of the narrative yourself in the process.

Free Projects

Tea Towel Picnic Blanket from Vintage Made Modern
Tea Towel Picnic Blanket
We keep a special blanket in the trunk of our car for impromptu picnics, when and wherever we feel like it. Vintage tea towels lend their colorful graphics, design elements, and conversation starters to our one-of-a-kind picnic blanket. I love everything about it—the unique vintage tea towels, its antique tablecloth backing, and the quilter’s knots my daughters tied with their little hands. (And when not in use, this picnic blanket doubles as the emergency blanket in our family car!) Simple construction combined with sturdy fabrics intended for dining and cleanup creates a functional and decorative showstopper of a blanket you will use again and again.

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Mix Match Note Taker from Vintage Made Modern
Mix Match Note Taker
No matter how many innovative gadgets are available to help us get organized, I find nothing is better than good old-fashioned paper and pencil. And when you combine them with some of your favorite vintage fabric bits, you end up with a handy catchall for your to-dos and whatnots. I like to think of these note-takers as short-term memory insurance wrapped up in pretty patchwork..

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