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Earth Conference One

Sharing a Vision for Our Planet

SKU# 9781570626081




New Science Library | 01/01/1989
Pages: 168 | Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781570626081


They came from around the world: from parliaments, senates, and assemblies; from temples, churches, and mosques; from laboratories, universities, and boardrooms. It was the first time that spiritual and parliamentary leaders had come together with scientific experts to confront the threats of environmental crisis, nuclear war, famine, and disease. After five days of dialogue and contemplation the participants pledged to join forces to care for and protect the Earth with all its interdependent forms of life. This unprecedented meeting—the Global Survival Conference held at Oxford in April 1988—is re-created here in a compelling eyewitness account that offers hope for the future of our planet.

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