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Pain Management

Pain—chronic or otherwise—is no fun for anyone, but it seems to be a fact of most of our lives.  There are host of alternative, non-drug options for dealing with it, and for “having a life”—even a happy and meaningful life—while you’re coping with it.

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  1. Finding Freedom in Illness

    Finding Freedom in Illness

    A Guide to Cultivating Deep Well-Being through Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

    • by
    • Peter Fernando
    "Let your illness be your spiritual teacher!" Make a statement like that to someone who's struggled for years with, say, rheumatoid arthritis, and be prepared for an eye roll (at best). To Peter Fernando's credit, he makes that statement, and no such impulse arises. We believe him because he's been there himself and because he backs up the statements with his own real experiences and with real wisdom from the… Read More

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