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The human body is a vastly complex system, and the female body in particular is endowed with its own special array of miracles and challenges.  Here are titles that focus specifically on some of the many psychological and physiological phenomena of womanhood.

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  1. The Mindful Way through Pregnancy

    The Mindful Way through Pregnancy

    Meditation, Yoga, and Journaling for Expectant Mothers

    • by
    • Susan Piver
    Pregnancy is a time of wonder and of momentous change, both emotionally and physically. For many women, it is a time like no other in their lives, filled with excitement and awe but also with great uncertainty and vulnerability. This book-and-audio program brings together writings and simple daily practices for bringing the transformative power of mindfulness to this special time.The Mindful Way through Pregnancy features:Yoga and meditation teacher Anne Cushman… Read More

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