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Ordinary Magic

Everyday Life as Spiritual Path

SKU# 9780877735977




Shambhala Publications | 09/01/1992
Pages: 368 | Size: 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 9780877735977

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    Ordinary Magic

    Finding Freedom from Anger, Resentment, and Other Destructive Emotions

    Life has a way of provoking us with traffic jams and computer malfunctions, with emotionally distant partners and crying children—and before we know it, we're upset. We feel terrible, and then we end up saying and doing things that only…  Read More


Spiritual practice and meditation are often thought of as being the province of priests, monks, and nuns—those few individuals who have returned from the preoccupations of day-to-day life. This inspiring book reveals how the simple practice of mindfulness can be a magical and transformative part of anyone's daily life. Thirty-five wide-ranging essays written by well-known spiritual teachers, therapists, and creative artists show how learning to focus awareness can bring a new richness to ordinary activities; how mindfulness can heighten creative pursuits such as painting, journal writing, or playing music; how contemplative awareness enhances both physical and psychological well-being; and how meditation can contribute to better relationships with family, community, and the world at large.

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"Well conceived and well written . . . an amazing compilation of answers. "—Spiritual Frontiers

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