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“If we want to be spiritual, then, let us first of all live our lives. Let us not fear the responsibilities and the inevitable distractions of the work appointed for us by the will of God. Let us embrace reality and thus find ourselves immersed in the life-giving will and wisdom of God which surrounds us everywhere.”—Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude

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  1. Christian Teachings on the Practice of Prayer

    Christian Teachings on the Practice of Prayer

    From the Early Church to the Present

    • by
    • Lorraine Kisly
    From John Chrysostom in the fourth century to Teresa of Avila in the sixteenth to William Butler Yeats in the twentieth, this wide-ranging collection is a treasury of writings on prayer from throughout the history of Christianity. Lorraine Kisly has arranged the material according to the great general themes of prayer—such as praise, thanksgiving, repentance, and purification—to make this anthology serve as a course in Christian prayer for anyone, as… Read More

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